The aerial photographs contained in Salt draw vivid images from the evaporation basins of San Francisco providing a divergent perspective of this mysterious region. Harmonizing natural landscapes with man-made industrial manufacturing, the images capture the brilliant color pockets and tactile textures that are ever changing.

However, more important to me is the balance blending and integration between visual abstraction and realism. This South Bay landscape provides an excellent canvas for both color and graphic design. The images harmonize natural landscapes with man-made industrial manufacturing. Surprisingly abstract, this South Bay landscape provides an excellent canvas for expressive design.




Sandra Marill Chandler

I am a native San Franciscan in love with The City.  

This internationally picturesque city served as a launching pad to ignite my curiosity of travel and exploring worldwide cultures. San Francisco introduced me to ethnic cultural pockets of diversity.

I see the world through a design filter that encompasses my photography and interior design practices.  Color and composition are integral parts of my design vocabulary. They encapsulate my spirit showing others the beauty and meanings of design. I make photographs balanced between abstraction and realism aspiring to create colorful explosive images with noteworthy details. These photographic moments prompt a sense of space, a moment of drama, and new ways of perception.


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